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Indian authorities detained a pigeon suspected of spying for Pakistan. That has sparked humorous reactions from both nations. Yet, there's nothing outlandish about pigeons being used for espionage.
The new rules rely on phone companies to collect the data. The altered approach was approved by the Senate on Tuesday, matching a version the House passed to update the Patriot Act.
The International House of Pancakes' logo had a red curve running under the letters IHOP — upside down and looking a lot like a frowny face. The new logo has rectified that issue.
Beards can slow a swimmer down but maybe no longer. The company Virgin Trains, which sponsors a race in England, has created a product called the Beard Cap. It's a lycra swim cap for facial hair.
Auto parts supplier Takata has agreed to modify the way it makes airbags. Takata and government safety officials were on Capitol Hill Tuesday to answer questions about the massive recall effort. Some 34 million vehicles need to have new airbags installed.
The Ritchies were one of the great folk song families of the Appalachians. They favored ballads and Jean Ritchie became a master, preferring to sing unaccompanied in a striking, crystalline voice. Alan Lomax recorded her, and she was known as "The Mother of Folk." Ritchie died Monday at 92.