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Oakland has a history of tensions between police and the community. The police department there is under federal oversight for its use of force, among other problems.
When the City Reporter was full of cheer, readership on its website suffered. So they're back to reporting regular news.
The NBA great, who's 7'1", is the first pro basketball player featured on a U.S. stamp. Kadir Nelson, the artist who created it, tells The New York Times, "We still had trouble fitting him in."
New Yorkers talk about the Eric Garner case, other cases of police brutality, and how these divisive issues affect their sense of self and of citizenship.
Bob Mondello listened to reports about spacecraft Philae landing on comet 67P and it reminded him of certain movies.
While Thursday's House vote on immigration reminds us that Congress remains divided, one bill enjoyed bipartisan support this week.