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Their hopes for peace dashed, Palestinians in Gaza are returning to UN shelters — despite the discomfort and uncertain safety — as fighting between Hamas and Israel resumes.
Christopher Denny's music can be described as Arkansas soul. He talks with NPR's Lourdes Garcia-Navarro about a new album that fuses rock, folk and gospel, called If the Roses Don't Kill Us.
Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is in India. The visit is part of a broader U.S. strategy to strengthen alliances in Asia and the Pacific.
The former Yankees pitcher tells us the secrets of the locker room. (This segment originally broadcast on April 14, 2012.)
We talk to the author of the best-selling thriller Gone Girl and other books full of sadists and murderers, and it turns out she's perfectly nice. (This segment originally broadcast on July 12, 2013.)
We interview the brewer behind Sprecher Brewery in Milwaukee, and beg him for free samples. (This segment originally broadcast on Nov. 17, 2012.)