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Galeano's 1971 book Open Veins of Latin America was a fierce critique of U.S. and European imperialism. It made him an enemy of the right-wing governments that ruled much of Latin America at the time.
A Senate committee begins work on a bill that would overhaul the education law. That measure — once considered a great uniter of politicians on the left and right — has since become a great divider.
On this day in 1865, John Wilkes Booth shot President Lincoln. Renee Montagne talks to author James Swanson at Ford's Theatre. (This piece initially aired on Feb. 12, 2009 on Morning Edition).
A former security contractor was sentenced to life in prison after a deadly shooting in Iraq in 2007. Three more got 30 years in prison for their role in the massacre that killed 14 unarmed civilians.
To learn more about the convictions of the former Blackwater guards, Renee Montagne talks to Matt Apuzzo of The New York Times.
People trying to get help from the IRS to file their taxes are finding long lines, long waits on the phone and not much help. The IRS blames staff reductions on budget cuts spearheaded by Republicans.