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Across the Arab world, Ramadan is prime time for soap operas. This year a Saudi program takes a look at young people and the tensions and issues they face in the kingdom.
How To Catch a Russian Spy book cover...
You'd think spying on the Russians would require some training, but Naveed Jamali had none. "Probably some Magnum P.I. episodes and a few movies here and there," he says. "That was about it."
The First Cliburn International Junior Piano Competition and Festival will g...
The Van Cliburn Foundation is hosting its first international piano competition for young players. Some are wondering if the new contest is too much pressure too soon.
The Air Force plans to reduce drone flights due to a shortage of pilots. NPR's Arun Rath talks with New York Times reporter Dave Philipps about why the military is having trouble attracting and keeping drone operators.
Erik Jensen portrays rock critic Lester Bangs in the new one-man play How to...
Husband-wife team Erik Jensen and Jessica Blank talk about their play based on the life and writings of legendary rock scribe Lester Bangs.
Bourbon is booming, thanks to the popularity of craft brands in the U.S. and new markets opening in Asia. And Kentucky, where 95 percent of the spirit is made, is the center of the bourbon universe.