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Sand in an hourglass...
"Nature knows how to let animals live a very long time," says Bill Gifford, whose latest book is Spring Chicken, a look at the history of anti-aging schemes and current ways people try to live longer.
The new CBS show about two very mismatched investigative partners plays like a comedy. The characters are complicated and surprising, and the dialogue is crisp and quick. It's "a lot of fun to watch."
What's a tangible object? That question was at the crux of a case about whether a law aimed at preventing document shredding could be applied to other objects — including fish.
Dori Maynard died Tuesday after a battle with lung cancer. Since 2001, she headed the Robert C. Maynard Institute for Journalism Education, which was founded by her father in 1977.
President Obama participated in a town-hall meeting in Miami with MSNBC, and did an interview with the Spanish language network Telemundo to talk about the issue underlying the stalemate: immigration.
The Obama administration on Wednesday announced a six-year extension of a program to combat malaria around the globe.