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In Colorado and Washington recreational pot shops are now legal, while in Europe, "cannabis social clubs" have gotten creative.'s Laura Secorun Palet talks about the growth of these spaces.
American photojournalist James Foley was killed this past week by militants from the Islamic State. Tess Vigeland speaks with Robert Mahoney, deputy director of the Committee to Protect Journalists, about the targeting of journalists in Syria.
Chris Akubuilo meets members of the Culver City, Calif., police department. ...
People with autism often have trouble communicating with police, which can be dangerous — and scary for parents who also worry about racial profiling. Now, some cities are trying to mitigate the risk.
Amid accusations of abuse, many in Ferguson, Mo., and cities around the country are calling for police to wear cameras. Cameras may not always be as impartial as people expect, however.
A Kurdish Peshmerga fighter on the front line in Bashiqa, a village near Mos...
In northern Iraq, the Kurdish Peshmerga troops are battling the extremists of the Islamic State. But commanders say they're not getting the weapons promised by the U.S. and others.
The game Never Alone tells the story of a young Inupiaq girl, Nuna, and her ...
The video game Never Alone draws on a traditional Inupiaq story and the actual experiences of native Alaskan elders, storytellers and youth.