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Scan the barcode of different products and the app will tell you whether the company is seen as leaning Republican, Democratic or Other. The app is called BuyPartisan.
Giant Pandas are endangered and famously difficult to breed in captivity. Born last month, they're in good health. Survival rates for triplets have been historically low.
Liberia is now the nation reporting the highest number of new cases in the region. It was also a traveler from Liberia who last month carried the Ebola virus to Nigeria and sparked the outbreak there.
Business is booming in North Dakota's Bakken Shale oilfields. Companies are working on pipeline proposals. One calls for a pipeline to be built from Iowa's northwest corner to its southeast corner.
Civil Rights activists and religious leaders are calling for calm and a swift investigation that includes the identification of the white police officer who shot Michael Brown, a black unarmed teen.
Award-winning actress Lauren Bacall was Humphrey Bogart's partner on and off the screen. She was nominated for an Academy Award, won two Tony Awards and received an honorary Oscar in 2009.