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A private university in Nashville, Tenn., may have one of the smartest teams in this year's NCAA tournament. Off the court, they lead the NCAA in academic rankings.
NPR's Don Gonyea talks with baseball historian Marty Appel about the appeal of of "Who's Who in Baseball," which celebrates its 100th issue this year.
A Nile Project concert in Al Azhar Park, Cairo, Egypt, 31 January, 2013....
The musicians who live in countries along the Nile rarely got to meet — until the Nile Project came along. Now they learn from each other, make records together and are currently touring the U.S.
The view west from London's newest skyscraper looks over the River Thames an...
Britain's financial community was worried last year when the West began imposing sanctions on Russia. It turns out that only encouraged wealthy Russians to pump more money into Britain.
NPR's Don Gonyea interviews Meg James, a corporate media reporter for the Los Angeles Times, about reports that say Apple plans to offer a "skinny" package of channels for cable cord cutters.
NPR's Don Gonyea speaks with Ted Bridis, investigative editor at the Associated Press, about the increasing amount of U.S. requests for government information under the Freedom of Information Act.