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NPR's Tom Goldman joins host Linda Wertheimer to talk about the NBA playoffs — is a Cleveland championship in the offing? — and Kris Bryant's debut on the diamond with the Chicago Cubs.
In 2008, Thomas put on a similar exhibit that focused on images of African-A...
Artist Hank Willis Thomas strips slogans and brands off ads to create images that expose American preoccupations. His last series focused on African-Americans; his new work features white women.
Declared and potential candidates are already in New Hampshire. Former Flori...
With the presidential campaign season already underway, NPR's Linda Wertheimer has a hot tip for swing state voters feeling besieged: Rent your house to a political operative and take a vacation.
Hill staffers and PGA professionals mingle Wednesday at this year's National...
Golf is a sport that's been enjoyed by both Democrats and Republicans through the decades, but bipartisan golf outings may be disappearing like a shanked tee shot into a water hazard.
Starting next week, Verizon customers can choose from a slimmed-down menu of options for a lower price. It's a big change for the industry, which has resisted flexible pricing models for years.
Star Wars fans are gathering this week for the annual Star Wars Celebration fan convention in Anaheim, Calif.