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The killing sparked violent protests in Jerusalem and Arab Israeli towns throughout Israel — raising fears of another Palestinian uprising. Officials say the autopsy shows the boy was burned alive.
Novak Djokovic won his first Wimbledon championship in three years beating Roger Federer. Petra Kvitova won the women's singles final. Steve Inskeep talks to Jon Wertheim of Sport's Illustrated.
Washington state is to roll out retail pot sales this week after voters approved a referendum on recreational marijuana in 2012. But there is a backlog of growers and processors waiting licenses.
Land banks are public entities created to revive vacant or tax-foreclosed properties. The small city of Newburgh on the Hudson River has been trying to revitalize itself using a land bank.
The black-and-white film was a cheeky snapshot of the biggest band in history: The Beatles.
Making school lunches healthier is part of a push by the first lady to reduce the epidemic of childhood obesity.