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Offering classes on healthy cooking for low-income residents is just one of the ways that Franklin County has beaten the odds on cardiovascular disease for this aging, rural population.
Six years ago, a task force caused a firestorm by saying women under 50 may not need routine mammograms. The controversy was so great, that Congress passed legislation overriding the recommendation.
For all the good aspirin can do in preventing second heart attacks and strok...
A small dose of aspirin taken regularly can help prevent a second heart attack or stroke. But too many healthy people are taking the drug for prevention. And for them, the risks may outweigh benefits.
Marijuana is not legal in New York, where airport authorities stopped a man who had a bag containing 18 pounds of pot. In the other bag, inspectors found crack.
A man was spotted dumping more than 600 books along a highway near Boulder. He said he was stuck with them after a bookstore closed. Police threw the book at him, according to a pun-filled release.
Many climbers are currently trapped on Mount Everest following the earthquake in Nepal. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with Outside Magazine Senior Editor Grayson Schaffer about the rescue efforts.