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Robin Williams reportedly suffered from severe depression before his death. Former TV talk show host Dick Cavett recalls his interview with Williams and his own struggles with depression.
Linguist Mark Liberman, who works at the University of Pennsylvania, says the use of "um" or "uh" can provide signs about the speaker's gender, language skills and life experience.
Farmer Seth Watkins (left) and agronomist Matt Liebman stand amid native pra...
Studies warn that climate change will threaten corn production in coming decades. Meanwhile, farmers are experimenting with new planting methods in hopes of slowing soil erosion from torrential rains.
As the entertainment world mourns the loss of comedian and actor Robin Williams, NPR film critic Bob Mondello offers an appreciation.
President Obama signs a memorandum establishing the White House Task Force t...
In just a few years, the issue has gone from mostly whispers to receiving the attention of the White House. Now, colleges throughout the country are trying to increase awareness about the issue.
Robin Williams' film career spanned both comedic and dramatic roles, includi...
The comedian and actor died Monday at age 63. In 2006, Williams spoke with Fresh Air's Terry Gross about improvising, his training and how people expected him to act crazy.