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NATO has announced a strengthening of its forces near the alliance's eastern border. Gen. George Joulwan, the former NATO supreme allied commander for Europe, discusses the plan.
Stanford linguistics professor Dan Jurafsky co-authored a study of almost 900,000 restaurant reviews on His research shows that those online comments say as much about us as the restaurants.
Pascal Fletcher, the Africa bureau chief of Reuters, explains a recent incident in Nigeria, during which suspected Islamist insurgents raided a school and abducted Nigerian schoolgirls.
Distracted parents...
Parents often complain that smartphones keep their kids distracted from conversation. What happens when it's the other way around, when kids can't get their smartphone-glued parents' attention?
This Mako shark looks like its ancient ancestors, but it's probably evolved ...
A 325-million-year-old fossil find shows that the gill structures of modern sharks are actually quite different from their ancient ancestors.
Crime writer Giorgio Scerbanenco was born in Kiev in 1911, grew up in Rome a...
A crackling new translation of Giorgio Scerbanenco's crime novel Private Venus has just been released. Critic John Powers read it in a single sitting.