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David Adam is a writer and editor at the journal Nature and was a special co...
David Adam has had obsessive-compulsive disorder for 20 years. In The Man Who Couldn't Stop, he chronicles his experiences — and how medical understanding and treatment of OCD have changed over time.
Ty Segall's new EP comes on two 7-inch discs that double as a pair of 3-D glasses.
It's been rough for the nation's police departments over the last several months. Many are dealing with mounting criticism after black men died in encounters with police in Missouri and New York.
The first college football championship game of the new playoff system will be played Monday night in AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. It's the Oregon Ducks versus the Ohio State Buckeyes.
U.S. officials are looking into, among other things, the veracity of the gunmen's claims that the so-called Islamic State and al-Qaida were behind the attacks.
Congress is expected to vote soon on funding for the Department of Homeland Security. In light of the terror attacks in Paris, proposed TSA cuts are not expected to be made.