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The Oxford English Dictionary is hoping to fill a void in the non-gender conforming community by introducing the gender-neutral title "Mx."
A federal appeals court ruled Thursday that the NSA's bulk collection of phone data is illegal. Meanwhile, Congress is debating the fate of the Patriot Act. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to House Judiciary Chairman Robert Goodlatte.
The NFL's "deflategate" scandal raises a slew of questions: How much can you scuff a football? Where is the line between gamesmanship and cheating? Slate's Mike Pesca answers them all with NPR's Rachel Martin.
The Anchoress is inspired by real-life medieval women who lived lives of devotion, locked away in village churches. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with Robyn Cadwallader about her new novel.
Sunday Puzzle....
Every answer is the name of a well-known U.S. city. For every word given, ignore the vowels. The word's consonants are the same consonants appearing in the same order as those in the city's name.
Ariel Alford and Leighton Watson exchange congratulations after Howard Unive...
The Howard Project participants talk about graduating, or not, this weekend — and also describe what it's been like to hear their feelings about their college experience broadcast over the radio.