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An Amtrak train leaves Chicago's Union Station on its way to Los Angeles....
Amtrak was created in the 1970s to allow several private railroads to get out of the passenger business. Experts say that while its safety record is generally good, it needs upgrading.
Republicans and Democrats are expected to come together in the House Wednesday to pass legislation prohibiting the National Security Agency from its ongoing massive collection of phone records.
NPR remembers some of those who died Tuesday night when an Amtrak train derailed in Philadelphia.
NPR's Audie Cornish interviews Bernardino León, head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, about the EU's proposal to use military force in going after human smugglers in Libya.
On May 13, 1985, the Philadelphia Police Department dropped a bomb on the home of a group of African-American activists who were disrupting a neighborhood, killing 11 people.
A carrot isn't enough — bring on the stick. A study finds smokers are more likely to quit tobacco if they lose some of their own money after a relapse, than if they get a bonus for quitting the habit.