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Scientists think an asteroid killed the dinosaurs. In today's extinction, humans are the culprit. Originally broadcast Feb. 12, 2014.
In the '60s, musicians left New Orleans, major labels lost interest, and Motown and Memphis took over the black music charts. But one producer didn't give up.
Resignations by the president and his Cabinet after rebels took control of much of the capital have compounded the political crisis. David Greene talks to Yara Bayoumy, a correspondent for Reuters.
Yemen has been in the news because of the recent uprising by Houthi rebels. Who are they and what does this mean for Yemen and the U.S.? David Greene talks to Letta Tayler, of Human Rights Watch.
Two days of historic talks in Havana between U.S. and Cuban diplomats ended with both sides expressing the will to continue to talk. Major obstacles still exist in the effort to normalize relations.
Greeks go to the polls this Sunday in early parliamentary elections. An anti-bailout leftist party is leading in the polls, but the election could still end in deadlock.