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Bob Mondello remembers Lauren Bacall, an actress who constantly reinvented herself.
Schools across the U.S. are preparing for students' return by looking for ways to supplement budgets. One Nevada school district is turning to unlikely sources of funding: liquor and prostitution.
Following the shooting of an unarmed black teen, the hashtag #IfTheyGunnedMeDown caught fire on Twitter. The response demonstrated the scope of what's informally known as Black Twitter.
Bob Thomas fills up his pickup truck at the municipal-run gas station in Som...
A gas station in Somerset, Ky., was opened recently by city officials as a way to try to lower gas prices. Critics call it a socialist move and say government competition isn't fair to local firms.
Dan Selvig says wetter conditions helped convince his family to shift their ...
Projections suggest that climate change will hurt agriculture in most parts of the world. But some areas of the U.S. could actually see a benefit as corn production moves farther north.
You might have heard a lot recently about non-Asian people donning make-up or clothing to appear Asian. But why is it that we're seeing so much of this phenomenon, widely referred to as "yellowface"?