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Fifty Shades of Grey is an R-rated fairy tale, a kind of Cinderella tale with restraints. It's about as believable as Jack and the Beanstalk but considerably kinkier in intent.
Fighting continues in eastern Ukraine, but a new cease-fire agreement is set to go into effect on Sunday. Two women in Ukraine say they don't expect the truce to last long.
European leaders met in Brussels on Thursday to address a range of crises facing the continent. Terrorism, the Ukraine conflict and Greek debt topped the agenda.
The media correspondent for The New York Times died Thursday night after collapsing in the newsroom. David Carr expertly dissected journalism as an industry and as entertainment. He was 58.
The NBA is taking taking a break from the regular season for the All-Star Game, which will be played in New York on Sunday. At this point, the league's best teams are in the Western Conference.
Megan McArdle spent years in a doomed relationship. The reason, she says: She fell victim to a common economic fallacy. Our Planet Money team has a love story with an economic idea at its heart.