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The Endeavor Air flight, a subsidiary of Delta Airlines, was leaving Detroit Metro Airport when the end of the wing hit the side of the terminal after backing from the gate. No one was injured.
Money is pouring into the stock market, but investors in Shanghai may not be...
The Shanghai exchange is on a tear, but there could be trouble ahead for ill-informed investors. The current upswing may be driven by perceptions rather than fundamentals.
John Hancock announced a new program promising discounts for policyholders who wear a fitness tracker, exercise more and go to the doctor. But privacy advocates worry about the electronic monitoring.
The mayor and police chief of the South Carolina town met relatives of Walter Scott, the man who was shot in the back as he ran from a policeman. Video of the shooting contradicts the officer's story.
State Rep. Wendell Gilliard, D-S.C., discusses the fatal shooting of Walter Scott by a police officer in North Charleston, S.C.
Colorado wildlife officials believe someone released four or five pet goldfish into Teller Lake #5 a few years ago. Now, the fish number in the thousands and threaten the lake's ecosystem.