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The British government has long been concerned about extremism emerging within its borders. Linda Wertheimer talks to Shashank Joshi of the Royal United Services Institute about extremism.
A video has surfaced that appears to show members of the self-proclaimed Islamic State, also known as ISIS, smashing priceless antiques at a museum in Mosul, Iraq.
The group has been meeting for months to find compromise on whether local governments should be given more say when drilling is proposed near residential and urban areas.
Two llamas in Phoenix escaped and TV choppers went live. When they were safely lassoed, Arizona Sen. John McCain tweeted: "Glad that #LlamaDrama 2015 has been peacefully resolved!"
A debate about the color of a dress on has been consuming people. Some say the dress is blue and black, while others say it is white and gold. Each side emphatically believes it is right.
Val James of the Toronto Maple Leafs takes warmup prior to a preseason game ...
Val James became the first American-born black player in the NHL in 1982. He ensured vicious racism, including fans throwing bananas on the ice. After 30 years in silence he is talking about it now.