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For two years, the zoo said Luka was a male when the bear was really a female. The zoo explained that it's difficult to identify the sex of juvenile Andean bears.
Nigel Hayes peppered a news conference with words not usually heard during such an event. It turns out, he and some teammates were fascinated with the woman who transcribes their press conferences.
Last year, a woman in rural India said that she'd been gang raped on the orders of her tribal council. Journalist Sonia Faleiro traveled to her village and found competing narratives and few facts.
Many of L.A.'s Skid Row residents live in makeshift tents....
After LA police shot and killed an unarmed man in early March, NPR's Kelly McEvers and producer Tom Dreisbach embedded with Skid Row residents and police to learn more about each side of the story.
Larry Bender worked in construction before working as a graffiti buster. "A ...
Larry Bender has been a Los Angeles graffiti buster for 20 years, hunting down and painting over gang tags around the city. He's one of hundreds of unseen, early-morning beautification workers.
NPR's Kelly McEvers talks with Pentagon correspondent Tom Bowman about his recent visit to a Marine Corps training base in the Mojave desert to see assessment exercises for female Marines in combat positions.