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U.S. officials say young Somali Americans are leaving the Twin Cities for Syria to join the group ISIS. Just a few years ago young Somali men in Minneapolis had disappeared and turned up with the terrorist group al-Shabab in Somalia. U.S. officials say that some of the young men who joined Shabab in that first exodus are encouraging their friends in the Twin Cities to go to Syria. They also say there is a recruiter on the ground who is facilitating travel.
Earlier this week, Mayor Marty Walsh warned Bostonians to stop jumping from second-story windows into snowbanks. "This isn't Loon Mountain," he said, "This is Boston."
The White House summit on violent extremism is focused on what local communities can do to keep vulnerable people from turning to radical ideology. But the approach is not without its critics.
There are taquerias, barbecue joints and gastropubs. To any food-loving road traveler, these places were always around, especially if you happened to chat up the locals and find one of these hidden gems. But increasingly the eateries are popping up at gas stations and convenience stores, where the food was, let's just say, less than stellar. Now, they're a destination in and of themselves.
Diners fill Riverpark, a New York City restaurant, in January. Restaurateurs...
New York's wage board is proposing a boost in the minimum wage for people who work for tips. Some restaurateurs say this could raise labor costs and force them to drop tipping and raise menu prices.
Audie Cornish talks to Lars Vilks, who was at a free speech forum that was attacked over the weekend. He is believed to have been a target for his controversial drawings of the prophet Mohammad.