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To steal oil, lots of people need to be in on it: small time crooks and criminal bosses, the owners of oil tankers, corrupt officials and even traders in the United States looking the other way.
More than 40 world leaders linked arms and led the unity march in Paris. It was a chance to honor the victims of the violent attacks that have shaken that city and commanded the world's attention.
Gov. John Kasich is being sworn in for a second term, and his inaugural party will essentially become a black-tie tailgate. There will be big screen TVs for guests who don't want to miss the game.
In 1979, Robert Fowler was a teenager catching waves on a California beach when his class ring ended up in the Pacific. Larry Feurzeig, who recently was on the beach with a metal detector, found it.
Brush fires in Australia have been raging across land where many koalas live. The International Fund for Animal Welfare says the marsupial mittens are used to seal in medication while they heal.
Tina Fey, Margaret Cho and Amy Poehler onstage during the 72nd Annual Golden...
Transparent, a show about a man coming out as transgender, won two Golden Globes — the first wins for original programming by Amazon.