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Bite into that bread before your main meal, and you'll spike your blood suga...
A hot bread basket is a tasty way to start off dinner. But all those carbs before the main fare can amp up appetite and spike blood sugar. Saving the carbs for the end of the meal can help avert that.
Same-sex marriage may be legal according to the Supreme Court, but some counties have yet to issue marriage licenses in the wake of Friday's ruling.
The high court ended its term Monday with rulings on redistricting powers and a lethal injection drug. For details on the court's decisions this term, Renee Montagne talks with NPR's Nina Totenberg.
As a biracial child growing up in Philadelphia, writer Mat Johnson identified as black – but looked white. His new novel is about a man who returns to his hometown after inheriting a run-down mansion.
Terell Stafford and his quintet bring a warm and hefty tone to a tribute album honoring the late Philadelphia horn player Lee Morgan. Kevin Whitehead says the new album is risky — but successful.
With Friday's Supreme Court ruling, many places started issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. In Alabama, Pike County and others stopped issuing licenses to any couple — straight or gay.