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Stephen Colbert will host his final episode of The Colbert Report Thursday a...
Ahead of The Colbert Report's last episode, Fresh Air listens back to interviews with Colbert. "I didn't realize quite how liberal I was until I was asked to make passionate comedic choices," he said.
Officials in New York said on Wednesday that the state will ban hydraulic fracturing there. The move follows years of efforts by environmentalists, who have called on the state to ban the practice.
Richard C. Hottelet, the last of the legendary Murrow boys, who covered World War II for CBS radio. Edward R. Murrow hired the pioneering group of journalists.
Renee Montagne talks with Miles Hoffman about the history of Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker Suite. Hoffman is the violist of the American Chamber Players, and authored The NPR Classical Music Companion.
Obama announced diplomatic relations will be restored with Cuba. Travel and trade restrictions will be relaxed. What does this mean for Cubans who have been pushing for democracy?
President Obama's move to restore diplomatic ties with Cuba does not lift the trade embargo. That jurisdiction belongs to Congress, but do the upcoming changes all but undermine the embargo?