Community Conversation

Community Conversation, a production of WSKG Public Radio, is a live "town hall" forum exploring topics of interest and importance in our local communities. It airs bi-weekly on Tuesday evenings at 7 p.m. Call or email with your questions: 1-888-359-9754 or

Experts say that early child education sets the standard for later in life – but for many families, the costs for that education are increasingly out of reach. Research shows that early childhood education programs can impact the health in ways that ripple through into adulthood. On this...
The debate over genetically engineered foods has increased in furor recently, as consumer groups and the organic food industry push for mandatory labeling of consumer products that contain GMOs. Are these foods too dangerous for human consumption?   Crystal Sarakas hosts this discussion. 
There are many myths and misconceptions about the Constitution that have become ingrained in our political culture? What exactly is a 'well-regulated militia?' Do we really understand free speech?  Crystal Sarakas hosts this program.