Community Conversation

Community Conversation, a production of WSKG Public Radio, is a live "town hall" forum exploring topics of interest and importance in our local communities. It airs bi-weekly on Tuesday evenings at 7 p.m. Call or email with your questions: 1-888-359-9754 or

On June 24th, New York became the sixth state in the country to legalize gay marriage. While many view the Marriage Equality Act as a significant victory, many others are quick to point out that the fight for same-sex civil rights is far from over.
The decline of traditional media has brought up new questions about the role that  the media plays in our lives. How has the rise of new media changed our society? How necessary are journalists to our way of life?
Water is one of our most vital resources, yet we often take it for granted. In the face of declining fresh water supplies, climate change, environmental threats, and a rising global population, the focus on water conservation and management will become increasingly important.