Artist Cafe

Season 2 is here! Be sure to tune in Sunday's at 5:30pm for all new episodes, many episodes featuring local artists from right here in our own viewing area.

In collaboration with the Major Market Group Arts Initiative, WSKG presents Artist Café, a weekly half-hour arts program hosted by Jami Viengkham.  Each week, Artist Café stories will showcase an expansive variety of national and local artists including film, visual and performing arts, theater, photography, literature, painting, sculpture, poetry and more to bring viewers a unique and geographically diverse arts experience.  Join Artist Café to learn more about each artist's craft and how the arts contribute to our community. Want to ask a question about Artist Cafe? Send the producers an email at


Jami L Viengkham is a part time college professor, part time TV host, part time restaurant server, and a full-time lover of the arts. With a natural talent for TV and a passion for sharing the hard work of community artists, Jami was a perfect fit for WSKG’s Artist Café. 

October 6, 2013

Season 2, Episode 1

Featuring local willow artist Bonnie Gale, international dance troupe “Motionhouse”, French artist Georges Braque, and pop artist and...

July 21, 2013

Season 1, Episode 26

Featuring local BMX builder Joby Springsteen, the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Nebraska Art Farm and tinsel painting at the Folk Art Museum....

July 14, 2013

Season 1, Episode 25

Featuring local storyteller Santino DeAngelo, jumprope champion Adrienn Banhegy, artist Jayden...

July 7, 2013

Season 1, Episode 24

Featuring local ceramicist Matthew Wilson, a circus exhibit, the restaurant "Uchi" and...

June 30, 2013

Season 1, Episode 23

Featuring The Menil Collection, painter Luke Hillstead, violinist Rachel Barton Pine, and artist Gunilla...

June 23, 2013

Season 1, Episode 22

Featuring a Van Gogh exhibit, Cirque Du Soleil's show Zarkana, NY Botanical Garden, and tape artist...

June 16, 2013

Season 1, Episode 21

Featuring underwater photographer Rhea Pappas, artist Michael Heizer, author Carol Wallace and painter Tom Collum.

May 26, 2013

Season 1, Episode 20

Featuring local painter GC Myers, interview with the crew of the film The Life of Pi, Hamlet and...

May 19, 2013

Season 1, Episode 19

Featuring local wine artist Amelia Fais Harnas, printmaker Emily Grey Koehler, American Folk Art...

May 12, 2013

Season 1, Episode 18

Featuring artist Michael Birawer, Annie wig designer Tom Watson, Playwright Eve Ensler and a war...