GC Myers, painter

Premiere Air Date: 
May 26, 2013

Gary Myers paints as GC Myers.  In 1993 while recovering from a fall from a 16 foot ladder,
he began painting with some old brushes from a previous failed attempt.  Suddenly it all made sense to him.  He was able to see color harmony and form better.

Within 3 years he became a full time painter.  He’s able to express human emotion through the landscapes he creates with color, texture and depth. 

His paintings are more about the color and the textures, things other than the red tree.  The red tree is merely an invitation for the viewer to enter the painting.  Viewers can identify themselves as the tree due to it’s position of strength.

Painting is the one thing that he feels completely confident in in his life and that is his real driving force.

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GC Myers is a contemporary painter from the Finger Lakes region of New York.  He came to painting in mid-life and quite by accident, as a result of an accident that occurred while  building his home in the early 1990′s.  Since that time, his recognizable landscapes, known for their strong colors and moods,  are avidly collected here and abroad.