Matthew Wilson, ceramicist

Premiere Air Date: 
July 7, 2013

Season 1, Episode 24

Featuring local ceramicist Matthew Wilson, a circus exhibit, the restaurant "Uchi" and photographer JIm McHugh.

View Matthew's Artist Cafe segment here:

Web Extra: Using horse hair


His love for nature and the wheel speak strongly to his work. Matt’s designs can best be described as collaboration between functional pieces and naturalistic styles, turned into intricate assemblages. He uses wheel-thrown objects commonly used in function, such as plates, bowls, and cups, and alters them into obscure and complex pieces. Adding to his work inspiration is his travel abroad. While studying in Barcelona Spain, Matt traveled throughout Europe and gained an appreciation for the unique cultures. He visited Rome, Italy; Dublin and Galway, Ireland; Athens and Mykonos; Greece, Frankfurt, Germany; Prague, Czech Republic; and various parts of Spain. When designing, Matt tends to incorporate some of the architectural accents he discovered while abroad.