Ruby Wang, Chinese Watercolorist

Premiere Air Date: 
January 26, 2014

Traditional Chinese Watercolorist painter, Ruby Wang works with traditional Chinese painting materials such as rice paper and pointed paint brushes.

She loves to teach the importance of traditional Chinese painting strokes then setting her students free encouraging them to use their imagination to be original thinkers.

Ruby has many ties to the Southern Tier beginning with a Artist-in-Residence at Johnson City High School in 1980 and having taught Oriental painting at Cornell University and SUNY Binghamton.

Permanent collections of Ruby’s work can be found at the Roberson Museum & Science Center and at Security Mutual Insurance Company both in Binghamton, NY.

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As a Chinese-American artist, Ruby feels torn and blessed by both cultures.

"Chinese painting is characterized by the beauty of simplicity. One stroke contains color, tonality of ink, form and texture," she says.

"It is extremely philosophical. The significance of people in landscape speaks of the grandness and awesomeness of God's creation. The artist, however, is defined by humility and insignificance. I like to keep this concept in my painting.