Planned Giving

Gifts to WSKG may be made in a variety of forms, including cash, securities and real estate, or through planned gifts, such as bequests or life income agreements. Gifts to WSKG are tax-deductible to the full extent of the Internal Revenue Code.



While many donors prefer to make gifts of cash, a growing number are taking advantage of contributing gifts of long-term appreciated securities to support the quality programming and services provided by WSKG.

Advantages of Gifts of Securities:

  • Receive an income tax charitable deduction based on the market value of the security at the time of the gift
  • Avoid capital gains tax on the appreciated value of the securities. Direct your gift to a variety of different purposes at WSKG.
  • Fund a life income gift agreement and potentially receive a greater income.



The value of the gift will be the mean of the high and low trading prices on the official date of your gift. The official date of your gift will be determined differently depending on how it is made.

  • By mail - it is the postmark date.
  • By overnight carrier - it is the date of receipt by WSKG.
  • By electronic transfer - it is the date the security is received into WSKG's bank/brokerage account.
  • By re-registering the security into WSKG's name - it is the date on the new certificate(s).

WSKG will issue receipt for your tax records confirming the value of your gift.


Making the Gift with Stocks and Bonds

If the certificate(s) are held by you:

  1. Send your certificate(s) by certified mail or by overnight carrier, without any endorsement, assignment or other notations to WSKG.
  2. Enclose a letter stating the purpose of the gift.
  3. In a separate envelope, using the same carrier as employed with the certificate(s), send a stock/bond power endorsed in blank; that is, filling in only your signature but no other information. Your name should appear exactly as it does on the face of the certificate(s). If possible, include a copy of the letter you sent with your certificate(s).

If the securities are held by a bank or broker:

  1. You can authorize your bank or broker, in writing, that you wish to make a gift/transfer of ____(number of) shares of ___________(name of security) to be designated to WSKG Public Broadcasting for the purpose of ___________.

    Provide your bank or broker with WSKG's electronic transfer instructions, which you mail obtain online, or they can be mailed to you by calling our Business Office, at 607-729-0100.
  2. Please send a copy of your authorization letter to:

    WSKG Public Telecommunications Council
    Attn: Major Gifts
    601 Gates Road
    Vestal, NY  13850

    Be sure to include the telephone number of your banker or broker.

    If you or your bank need additional information or have questions, please contact Chris DiRienzo, Planned Gifts Officer, at  607.729.0100 x385.


Closely Held Stock

Non-marketable or closely held stock can also be given to WSKG. If you are considering giving these types of securities, please contact Chris DiRienzo, Planned Gifts Officer, at  607.729.0100 x385.


Mutual Funds

If you would like to give mutual fund shares, please contact Chris DiRienzo, Planned Gifts Officer, at  607.729.0100 x385.


Planned Gifts

By including WSKG in your financial and estate plans, you may increase your current income and provide future support for areas of the station important to you. Often you can make a larger gift than you might have thought possible - while also benefiting yourself and future generations.


Would you like to know more about making a planned gift to WSKG?

Please contact Chris DiRienzo, Planned Gifts Officer, at  607.729.0100 x385.