Expressions is WSKG TV's survey of the music in our local area. This show features in-studio concerts with local, nationally and internationally known musicians and bands. All the Expressions concerts are filmed in front of a live studio audience.

When we have a taping scheduled, we ask guests to RSVP via email to or by calling 607.729.0100

Be sure to check back for more upcoming Expressions concert announcements.

Tune in Thursday nights at 8pm for Expressions: Art & Soul of the Southern Tier.

Amber Rubarth came to WSKG studios in the fall 2012 performing with the Dave Eggar Quartet, truly a show you wont want to miss.
Elmar and John put on an incredible performance at WSKG studios in the spring of 2013. The audience was mezmerized by the talent of these two performers.
Steven and Pej came to WSKG studios in spring of 2013, this wonderful performance was filmed in front of a captivated studio audience.