Let's Polka!

Each half-hour episode of Let's Polka! is full of bona fide polka fun hosted by local polka impresario Bill Flynn. Tap your toes to the polka beat or dance along in your living room with our live studio audience. Plus, you'll get to know the music and musicians as each episode contains an interview with Bill Flynn and the leader of the band!

Come dance in the WSKG-TV studio for a taping of Let's Polka!. During a standard taping we record three episodes. Therefore, we ask attendees to bring your dancing shoes (or for the wallflowers among us, just enjoy some good music and great company), three changes of clothing and be ready to polka!

New filming dates for 2015!

Saturday August 1st, The Maestro's Men (12pm) 

* If you would like to be part of WSKG's Let's Polka Club or would like to be a member of the studio audience, we ask you to RSVP via email to RSVP@wskg.org or by calling 607.729.0100.

Let's Polka is filmed at the WSKG Studios at 601 Gates Road in Vestal, NY.

Let's Polka is WSKG's locally produced polka program, airing Saturday nights at 6:30pm on WSKG TV. 

Let's Polka is back for more dancing fun! Here we feature Kickin' Polkas with Charlie Lawrisky- episode 2. This show was filmed in November 2013.
Put on your dancing shoes for some more Let's Polka. Here we feature Kickin' Polkas with Charlie Lawrisky- show one. This show was filmed in November 2013.
The Golden Tones on WSKG's Let's Polka! Filmed in spring of 2013 we proudly bring you episode 3 from this band.