Volunteer for WSKG

WSKG Radio Fundraiser

Radio Drive, April 24-30, 2014

Answer phones & enter data into the computer. The phone room can get pretty busy... volunteers should be comfortable talking on the phone in such a situation while working with computers. Training (and snacks!) provided.

Please consider taking one of the early morning, high-listenership shifts. There will be donuts! Coffee! And public radio conviviality!

CHECK SHIFTS AND SIGN UP HERE, first-come, first-served:

For more information on this volunteer opportunity, contact Greg Keeler at gkeeler@wskg.org.

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No matter your interest or skill-set, WSKG has on-going volunteer opportunities for just about anyone. If you want to meet new people, gain new skills and make a difference, we know how you can help! Individuals and groups of all sizes are welcome to participate.

WSKG has an ongoing need for volunteers to answer telephones and take pledges during our television and radio fundraisers, to help serve guests at public receptions, and to perform miscellaneous clerical work during office hours. Call Christopher DiRienzo at 607-729-0100 x385 or e-mail CDiRienzo@wskg.org for more information.