BAE Systems to stay in Southern Tier

PHOTO: waldopepper / via

BAE Systems officially announced today (Wednesday) that it will remain in the Southern Tier.

The announcement comes six months after BAE's previous building in Johnson City was severely damaged by flooding. The company and its 1300 employees will move to the Huron Campus, an Endicott site formerly occupied by IBM.

The defense and aerospace company's director of strategy, Rich Ashooh, says the local workforce is the main reason for staying in the Southern Tier.

"We have a world-class workforce which has been doing this kind of work for quite some time and you don't walk away from that if you can avoid it," said Ashooh.

He says they considered locations outside of New York and could have spread the work out to other offices before finally choosing Endicott.

BAE Systems has also been promised $40 million in tax credits from the state.