Binghamton police force figures in mayoral candidates debate

Monica Sandrezski
October 30, 2013

The candidates seeking to replace Matt Ryan as Mayor of Binghamton debated twice yesterday.

During the first debate, Republican candidate Rich David sought to link his opponent, Democratic City Council President Teri Rennia with the current mayor, saying “We have a variety of difference of opinions on what is needed to move city hall forward, but most importantly, I think, the decisions that are made in the mayor’s office aren’t made in a vacuum. They require active support from city council. And if you want to continue in the direction the city is going, that is what my opponent offers. If you’re looking for a change from business as usual and the status quo, that’s what I offer.”

David’s main campaign promise is to gradually rehire the 20 police officers that the city has lost during the Ryan administration. He has said he would pay for it through cuts, including eliminating administrative positions.

Democratic candidate Teri Rennia didn’t try to avoid her connection to the current administration. She said “I’m proud of my time on city council. I’m proud of the role that I’ve played in getting the city’s fiscal house in order. The New York State comptroller is acknowledging that our financial outlook is brightening.”

Rennia criticized David’s plan to rehire 20 police officers, saying more police officers doesn’t necessarily lead to less crime. She has focused her campaign on economic development.