Binghamton University Forum highlights roadmap to "the premier institution of the 21st century"

April 26, 2013

Binghamton University President Harvey Stenger shared the school’s vision for making BU the “premier institution of the 21st century” with members of the Binghamton University Forum Thursday afternoon. 

A key component of that vision is the potential creation of a pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy school on the BU campus. According to Stenger, the creation of such a program would begin to pay immediate dividends to the school and community.

"[It] has the ability to very quickly add 300, 400 students in a very highly demanded area of pharmacy as well as add research expenditures and research activities within pharmaceutical sciences," says Stenger.

Stenger also mentioned several of last year’s SUNY 20/20 proposals that he hopes will contribute to a realization of the goals laid out in the Roadmap. Among those proposals is the creation of a small business incubator to be located downtown. That facility is currently in the design phase with construction to begin next year.