Broome Co. Exec. Debbie Preston returns to office

Monica Sandreczki
July 1, 2014

Broome County Executive Debbie Preston is back in office after having been on temporary leave recovering from surgery for lung cancer.

Preston had been working from home since the end of April. She’ll be starting chemotherapy on Thursday. But, she says she will finish her term.

"The people elected me to do a job and I will do it," says Preston. "I will be here whether I have a bucket in my hand or not. I’m not leaving. I may have cancer, I may be doing chemo, but I’m not leaving."

Preston says, at first, she will be working half days as county leaders start working on the budget.

"You know we’ve been working on that during my time when I’ve been recuperating," says Preston. "And we have a very large nut to crack here, you know with sales tax numbers down."

Preston says she will be meeting with her department heads this month.