Byrne Dairy opens plant in Cortland to produce yogurt

Courtesy of Byrne Dairy
June 18, 2014

Byrne Dairy has entered the booming yogurt business in upstate New York. A new production facility opens this week in Cortland.

With the new plant, the central New York dairy icon moves from a milk and ice company to being able to produce yogurt as well as cheese and sour cream.

Yogurt, namely Greek-style yogurt, has been a boon for the dairy industry here in recent years, led by Chobani and followed by others.

“The timing is such and we believe the market is such that it’s a good point of entry into the yogurt market," says Jim Gosier, general counsel for Byrne Dairy.

Gosier says there will be enough demand to compete with powerhouses like Chobani.

“The pie is big enough that we can all get a piece.”

The 52,000 square feet plant will start by making yogurt for different labels before launching its own brand. The facility will include a visitor center that Gosier says will open in a few months.