City of Binghamton demolishes vacant homes in a battle against blight

Matt Richmond
July 23, 2014

The City of Binghamton began tearing down vacant buildings on Tuesday. The first of eight slated for demolition was a single-family home with broken windows and a sagging porch on the North Side.

Tackling quality of life issues like this was a central part of Mayor Rich David’s campaign last year. David says the city is using federal grant money to buy the properties at auction and tear them down.

"We want to utilize as many dollars from Community Development Block Grant funding, and other sources, as we can to address blight, which obviously has a negative impact on the quality and integrity of the neighborhood, it lowers the property value, and just leads to a general perception issue in some of our neighborhoods," says David.

David says the city is trying to target buildings that can be torn down to make way for development at adjacent properties. He had no estimate of how many properties the city will try to tear down.