City of Ithaca considers ban on outdoor wood boilers

Michael Hoy/via Flickr
April 17, 2014

The City of Ithaca is considering a ban on outdoor wood boilers, which produce more dangerous emissions than other types of furnaces.

The stoves are commonly used to heat rural homes and green houses.

The Environmental Protection Agency recently issued voluntary emissions standards for the boilers.

But the City of Ithaca isn’t sold.

Cynthia Brock is on the Ithaca city council and proposed the ban. Brock says despite the EPA standards, wood boilers still pose a public health risk.

"The first heads up that you’ll get that someone is using them is you’ll see a tremendous amount of smoke. And if you follow the smoke, you’ll find the boiler," sayd Brock. "Clean wood, dried wood, seasoned wood, it’s still going to belch out a tremendous amount of smoke."

There are no boilers within city limits. Brock says the measure will be up for a vote in May at the earliest.