City of Ithaca considers eliminating odd/even parking

Alan Stanton/via Flickr
June 10, 2014

The City of Ithaca is considering a proposal to eliminate the city’s odd/even parking rules.

From November 1 through April 1, residents are prohibited from parking on the odd side of the street on odd-numbered days and the even side of the street on even days between 2:00am and 6:00am.

Under the proposal, odd/even parking would only be in effect during a snowstorm. Throughout the year, streets would have a designated “no parking” day each week.

The new rules were discussed at a Board of Public Works meeting last night.

Steve Smith is a member of the council drafting the proposal and supports the changes.

"Isn’t it ridiculous? It’s not only confusing; it’s also a little cumbersome," says Smith. "And when you have days that it’s randomly 60 degrees in January and sunny and people are wearing shorts, it seems weird to get a ticket for not being parked on the right side of the street because we need to keep it clear for plows."

The plan has to go before the city administration committee and the Common Council. There are also several public meetings scheduled for this month. If accepted, the plan would go into effect January 1.