Cuomo announces new crackdowns on sex offenders

August 2, 2012

Aides to Governor Cuomo announced new crackdowns on sex offenders that will require some convicts on parole to renew their photos every 90 days if their appearance has changed.

The most serious sex offenders, known as Level 3, will be required under the law to  update their photos on the sex offender registry every 90 days if their appearance changes, says Cuomo deputy secretary for public safety, Elizabeth Glazer.

“It will no longer be possible for an offender simply to disappear because he has grown a beard or shaved his head,” said Glazer.

Governor Cuomo has also signed an executive order that will extend the updated photo requirement to new parolees convicted of lesser sex offenses, known as level one and two offenders. The new laws also make it easier to seek civil confinement of sex offenders who are finished serving their time but are still deemed dangerous. The Parole board will provide mental health officials with transcripts of all release interviews.