Cuomo calls Obama's gay marriage support "major advancement"

Karen DeWitt / NY Public RadioCuomo calls Obama's
May 9, 2012

Governor Cuomo, who won national praise and attention  for championing the passage of same sex marriage in New York, calls President Obama’s support of gay marriage a “major advancement for equal rights in this country”.

Cuomo says he “applauds the President’s courage” and believes that Mr. Obama’s support will “boost” efforts to advance marriage equality in many state where it is to legal, or where efforts are underway to ban gay marriage. And Cuomo believes it will help change minds, saying people will think “if he can revisit an issue, than so can I”.

The governor says it’s important that the President made clear that he considers gay marriage a  civil issue, not a religious matter, something that was delineated in the New York law.

Cuomo met with President Obama briefly before the President’s appearance at Albany’s nano  science center on Tuesday, but he says the subject of legalizing same sex marriage did not come up.