Cuomo comments on NY Times fracking article

azipaybarah / via
June 14, 2012

In a New York Times article published Wednesday, a plan for the first stage of hydrofracking in New York State was laid out by members of the Cuomo administration. But as The Innovation Trail's Matt Richmond reports, Governor Cuomo himself was reluctant to actually call it a plan.

Speaking on the Fred Dicker radio show Thursday morning, Cuomo said that there can't be a plan for hydrofracking before the DEC finishes its review. But people are starting to consider how the industry would move into New York.

"You're going to go ahead, what does that mean? How many, how fast, how many in the first year? What is the necessary ramp up?" said Cuomo.

Wednesday's New York Times article reported that hydrofracking would - at first -only be permitted in some Southern Tier counties, in towns where officials support the industry. Many of these details were previously reported in April.

Cuomo left open the possibility that the 100 or so local bans against drilling will be respected. But he said it's also possible the state will overturn them.