Cuomo meets opposition in state senate over government consolidation

Andy/via flickr
March 26, 2014

Governor Andrew Cuomo is continuing his public push for government consolidation, using a property tax credit as an incentive. But he admitted yesterday that it’s been met with opposition in the state Senate. 

Governor Cuomo wants to give a two percent property tax credit to homeowners who live in places where their governments consolidate services.

Cuomo says thousands of local municipalities across the state sometimes duplicate services and are driving up costs for New Yorkers.

He says enacting his plan would ‘fundamentally change the trajectory’ of the state’s financial situation. But Cuomo admitted after the event the Senate leadership is not on board with his plan.

“Actually it was a generous statement. ‘Not entirely on board’ was actually gracious and generous of you,” says Cuomo. 

The budget is due April first. But asked if he would be willing to miss the deadline in order to get his program through, Cuomo said a good budget is better than an on time budget.