Cuomo supports legislative pay raise

Governor Cuomo is lending some support to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s proposal to raise the pay of state legislators.

The Assembly Speaker said lawmakers “deserve” a pay raise, after being stuck at the same base salary of $79,500 for over a dozen years, and has suggested a commission be set up to make recommendations.

Governor Cuomo offered some support for the idea, saying he’s having trouble attracting top quality commissioners to his admisntration because of the relatively low pay.

“It is an issue we’re going to have to deal with sooner or later, because we also want to get talented people to come into state service,  Cuomo said. “And the salary structure is going to have to recognize that at one point.”

But Cuomo says he has not had any “serious” discussions with lawmakers about it.  And he says now may not be the proper time for raises, when state worker unions have just agreed to a multi year pay freeze.

PHOTO: Karen DeWitt / NY Public Radio