Dillinger’s Pub in Binghamton signs anti-racism pledge

Matt Martin
November 11, 2013

Dillinger’s Celtic Pub and Eatery has joined other downtown business in signing an anti-racism pledge.  The signing came after weeks of tension between Dillinger’s and members of the minority community.  Matt Martin explains. 

All the details of August 25th aren’t clear.  But it is known that Kyle Lovett-Pitts, a young black man, was refused entry into Dillinger’s and arrested for disorderly conduct.  The controversy started because of a YouTube video that showed a Dillinger’s employee yelling racial slurs at Lovett-Pitts.

A student-run anti-racism group called the Confronting Racism Coordinating Committee created a pledge for local businesses to sign, guaranteeing equal treatment of all customers.  Many other stores in the area already signed the pledge. 

Now after weeks of silence, Dillinger’s co-owner, Monarco DiFrancesco, met with the students at Greenmans Park to add his name to the pledge.  

"I think that I have I’ve always provided a safe and clean environment down here at Dillinger’s.  I don’t feel I’ve ever precluded anybody from coming into our establishment on race, creed, or color," DiFrancesco said.

DiFrancesco was not visible in the Youtube that sparked the protests. Student organizers expressed gratitude to DiFrancesco to signing the pledge.